Get some tips: How to choose a qualified "baby monitor," and which functions are must-haves?

Do you want to buy a baby monitor but don't know which parameters and functions are more important? After reading this article, you will gain something...

Are baby monitors necessary?

Why most regular monitors are much cheaper than baby monitors? They all have monitoring functions, so are baby monitors necessary? Can a regular monitor replace a baby monitor? The most direct way to distinguish the two is to compare...

International sleep standards, rules, and patterns for infants

Mothers are very concerned about the baby's sleep, knowing that the quality of the baby's sleep will affect the baby's height, weight, and brain development, so what characteristics should be used to judge...

When to stop using the baby monitor?

Many parents have baby monitors installed for their babies from birth, but when should baby monitors stop being used? The following article will analyze the pros and cons of using a baby monitor according to the baby's further growth and development stages.

What is the best baby monitor?

A baby monitor is an audio and video device that allows you to check on your baby by listening to or watching live video while in another room. During the first few months and years of your baby's life, a baby monitor is your ticket to freedom when your child naps...

WiFi VS non-WiFi baby monitor – which one is better?

Suppose you're a soon-to-be parent and have never used a baby monitor. In that case, you must be wondering what the difference between a WiFi baby monitor and a Non-WiFi baby monitor is and which type of baby monitor is better for your family is?

Why do babies fight sleep & How to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds?

Babies who fight sleep are smart? Why do babies fight against sleep? How to put a baby to sleep soon? Mothers often feel anxious because of their baby's sleep problems...

Why does SIDS peak at 2-4 months?

What exactly is SIDS? Why does SIDS peak at 2-4 months? When to stop worrying about SIDS? How to prevent SIDS? Why do room sharing, breastfeeding, and fans reduce SIDS? Is SIDS caused by vaccines...

How long should you breastfeed?

How long should you breastfeed? Is it better to breastfeed? Are breastfed babies smarter? Can you breastfeed with nipple piercings? Can you overfeed a breastfed baby? Can you breastfeed while sick...

Where to put a baby monitor?

Improperly placed baby monitors can cause direct physical harm to your baby and also prevent you from seeing or hearing your baby well. Where to put the baby monitor? How to hide baby monitor cord?

Common Myths About Baby Sleep

Never wake a sleep baby. Overtired baby will not sleep. Putting babies to sleep on the back has solved SIDS. Babies should sleep in a silent room. Babies should sleep through the night. Which is fact?

When were baby monitors invented?

The first baby monitor was the Zenith Radio Nurse in 1937. This Zenith Radio Nurse was developed by Eugene F. McDonald and designed by Japanese-American sculptor and product designer Isamu Noguchi.

What does vox mean on a baby monitor?

The VOX mode is Voice Activated Exchange, sometimes called Voice Activated Transmission. The VOX mode feature is supposed to reduce the radiation to a minimum when the baby monitor is not in use...