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Distributor Program

We are inviting professional businesses to join the HelloBaby distributor network around the globe. HelloBaby represents a high-end baby product brand that is built upon 17 years of experience in high-quality wireless audio-visual electronics. HelloBaby has 17 unique patents, 10 software copyrights, a wholly-owned professional factory that has operated for more than 15 years and extensive certification, and has an efficient and rigorous team capable of R&D. Our product footprint spans across 5 continents and is in the homes of more than million new-born parents. It is no surprise that HelloBaby has won numerous accolades by media and industry partners.
By being a HelloBaby distributor, you are embarking on a journey to help parents provide the best protection to their loved ones. HelloBaby baby monitors are the safest choice for discerning parents who want to ensure their baby grows up strong and healthy. If you are interested in becoming a HelloBaby distributor, please email ads_manager@hellobaby.net.cn or fill out the following form.

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Distributor Business Information

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How to get the factory-price baby monitors

Step 1: Contact us

Feel free to contact us! We will send you the casebook and the price;

Step 2: Choose model

Choose the model you like, or design the exclusive model for you. Then we will send you the model you choose;

Step 3: Check our qualifications

After testing the sample, we will exhibit the license we have. And you are welcome to our factory to inspect;

Step 4: Talk about the details

Talk more about the price, the time, and the cooperation ways until we reach an agreement on all the details;

Step 5: Confirm the order

Confirm the cooperation in a document, such as a contract or an intent letter, and then you will need to pay the30% as imprest.

Step 6: Production

We usually need 3-4 months to make your products. During the process, we need to design the package together.

Step 7:Acceptance

You or your entrusted agency are welcome to our factory for product acceptance, and the purchase balance needs to be settled after that;

Step 8: Take your products away

We deliver the goods to you on your requirements. After that, we will provide a one-year quality guarantee.