What does vox mean on a baby monitor?

What does vox mean on a baby monitor?

As technology becomes more pervasive and new features enter the consumer market frequently, baby monitor features are becoming more and more sophisticated. For monitoring purposes, the VOX feature is one of the most useful. The VOX mode senses the baby's crying sound for the first time and prompts the guardian. Baby monitors with VOX baby monitor are said to be more reliable than traditional monitors because it uses artificial intelligence to analyze sounds in the baby's room and determine when something is wrong. This article will explore VOX on baby monitors and what you need to know before deciding if they suit you.

What is the VOX mode?

The VOX mode is Voice Activated Exchange, sometimes called Voice Activated Transmission. VOX means when a wireless device is configured with the VOX feature, it can sense the sound and activate the receiver in standby mode. The user can start a conversation without pressing a button or activating the device. Like Siri, Cortana, or Alexa, it responds to your voice.

What Is Voice Activated Alert (VOX) on a Baby Monitor?

VOX is a voice-activated function of the baby monitor, which transmits the noise in the baby's room to the parent unit in real-time. When your baby sleeps, the baby monitor goes into sleep mode, stops stop audio transmission, and turns off the screen of the parent unit. The microphone will remain active, and once the sound is sensed, the monitor will start transmitting again. In addition, most VOX baby monitors can adjust the sensitivity level of the baby unit to ensure that the guardian is not disturbed by little noise.

HelloBaby video baby monitor with VOX mode

Why have VOX on a baby monitor?

  • Real-time monitoring of babies

This is one of the main reasons why parents choose baby monitors to monitor their babies. Parents can't be around their babies 24 hours a day, especially when the baby is asleep; this VOX mode gives parents peace of mind. No matter where the parents are in the home, the baby's crying sound of waking up will be sensed by the microphone and transmitted to the baby monitor for the first time, activating the sleep state and reminding the parents. Moreover, VOX can provide crystal clear audio quality, ensuring that parents can hear the baby's cry, giggle, and coo without worrying about static electricity or other interference.


  • Saving the battery life of baby monitors

In baby monitor features, the VOX mode matches the monitor's sleep mode. As the name suggests, sleep mode is a standby state where the screen does not light up. Sleep mode saves battery drain on the baby monitor and does not interfere with parental rest at night. This mode allows you to control the sound activation of the baby unit. If there is no sound around the baby unit for 30 seconds, it will stop the audio transmission and turn off the screen of the parent unit. When the baby unit detects any sound above the sensitivity level, it will start transmitting the signal to the parent unit again and turn on the screen of the parent unit. The sensitivity level of VOX mode can be adjusted to prevent the screen from turning on due to unimportant noise. The same goes for video baby monitors. With VOX, the baby monitor camera will only start transmitting when your baby is awake. The monitor will be in sleep mode and will only show video when the monitor is activated. So the VOX mode is more battery-friendly for video baby monitors.


  • Reduce EMF radiation

As long as wireless digital baby monitors are powered on, they emit a burst of pulsed microwave radiation. This is because non-voice-activated baby monitors are designed to continuously monitor and stream audio and video signals, resulting in an electromagnetic field. This field must be maintained to enable a continuous flow of video and audio signals from the baby unit to the parent unit of the baby monitor. The VOX mode means that the baby monitor does not continuously transmit video and audio signals, even though your baby may not need some equipment that produces dangerous EMF radiation while he is sleeping peacefully. The VOX mode feature is supposed to reduce the radiation to a minimum when the baby monitor is not in use.

The VOX mode feature is supposed to reduce the radiation

How to adjust the VOX sensitivity on the baby monitor?

The main difference between the VOX on a baby monitor and other monitors is that it uses an acoustic sensor to detect your baby's sound. This means the VOX baby monitor can be placed anywhere in the room without worrying about missing the baby's crying sound. But the high sensitivity of VOX implies that the baby monitor will pick up a lot of noise, and even the parent unit will not be able to go into sleep mode. The baby crying can cause these sounds, or they can be caused by other factors such as background noise or static electricity. If you're concerned that the monitor senses and transmits too much noise, you can try adjusting the sensitivity level from high to low or moving the monitor closer to the baby. So a good baby monitor can change the VOX sensitivity. HelloBaby video baby monitor has three sensitivity levels, and parents can adjust as demands. To test the sensitivity level at which the VOX mode starts to trigger, you could try playing a crying baby sound in the room to emulate the baby crying at the volume you want to be activated. Now adjust the sensitivity level of the VOX in your baby monitor to only trigger at that volume level and not less.


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