Which baby monitors cannot be hacked?

 which baby monitors cannot be hacked?

With the innovation of science and technology, artificial intelligence products are gradually integrated into our lives, opening a new era of information. In this information age, information leakage and hacking originate from the security holes of these products and the internet. All internet-connected devices can be hacked, which means some baby monitors are also at risk of being hacked. A baby monitor is a safety device designed to keep infants safe. But now, many hackers can easily break in and do some creepy things.


Most of these hackers are pranksters who play tricks on parents and babies through two-way conversation features; some hackers are voyeurs, who silently peep and even record private or intimate moments of your family as if they were part of your family; perhaps they are thieves, they wait for an opportunity to steal when no one is at home; maybe hackers are criminals who steal your personal information and use it to blackmail you...


Can baby monitors be hacked?

In theory, any device connected to the internet is at risk of being hacked. This is easy to understand because the internet is like a road hidden in the forest; if you can find this road, you can go straight to your destination. According to security expert research, some baby monitors have feeble security measures. Still, a hacked baby monitor is not necessarily a problem with the device but the online portal accessed by the configured app. Hackers find the security hole in the baby monitor, hack into it, and take control of it.

 Baby moitors can be hacked

How to know if baby monitor is hacked?

How do you know your baby monitor has been hacked? The most immediate signal is that the baby camera is rotating on its own, or the light on the baby camera is blinking.

Baby monitors on the market today do not all use the same wireless transmission technology, and it is critical to assess their safety.

  • Analog baby monitors use one of the primarily available radio frequencies (usually 49 MHz or 900 MHz) to transmit sound and video from the camera to the receiver. From a hacker's point of view, analog baby monitors are hacked most easily. You just need another analog monitor, and you can walk around and monitor your neighbors.


  • Digital baby monitors use a digital signal, which transmits and receives audio/video as discrete numbers, rather than a continuous shape like analog radio waves (usually at 2.4 GHz). To avoid accidental eavesdropping, some digital baby monitors use Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), automatically switching frequency signals in a random sequence. But digital baby monitors are subject to interference from other devices on the same frequency. Some digital baby monitors use Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) to avoid this interference. This wireless technology provides less interference (operating on the lesser-used 1.9 GHz frequency) and may also have encryption. However, none of these will ultimately prevent the hacking of baby monitors. Digital baby monitors have a limited signal transmission distance, a plus against hackers.


  • WiFi baby monitors are the most popular baby monitors that connect to the internet to transmit signals to smartphones, laptops, sports watches, etc. The most significant advantage of a WiFi baby monitor is unlimited coverage, soyou can check your baby anywhere as long as the camera and receiver device are connected to the internet. But it's also one of the reasons WiFi baby monitors are most vulnerable to hacking.


Can WiFi baby monitors be hacked?

Most of the hacked baby monitors are WiFi baby monitors. The main reason is that it is straightforward to "hack" these cameras, as some baby monitors don't ask you to set up a password when installed. This means they either don't have a login password or use a default password pre-installed by the manufacturer. These pre-installed passwords are usually easy to guess (e.g., 0000), and their lists are widely available on the internet. WiFi baby monitors require you to take extra steps to protect the transmission.


Can non-WiFi baby monitors be hacked?

While non-WiFi baby monitors are not connected to the internet, they can also be hacked. Non-WiFi baby monitors communicate at specific frequencies over short to medium distances. To hack non-WiFi radio monitors, hackers need to be within the physical range of the signal and know on which frequency to communicate. Most baby monitor brands use an encrypted channel, so hackers need to be able to bypass that too. Most modern non-WiFi baby monitors are unlikely to be hacked, significantly reducing the risk.


Can HelloBaby monitors be hacked?

Most baby monitors are capable of being hacked; however, it is improbable that your HelloBaby can be hacked or would be hacked. The frequency hopping and digital encryption technology used by the HelloBaby monitor ensure a secure and reliable connection. Also, equipping these technologies is not anti-hacking. It reduces the probability of being hacked but is more secure than other non-WiFi baby monitors.

It is improbable that your HelloBaby monitor can be hacked or would be hacked.

Tips to keep your baby monitor safe from hacking

  • Secure your wireless router:
  1. Update your router's firmware
  2. Disable remote access to your router
  3. Use a strong password for your WiFi network
  • Secure your baby monitor:
  1. Register your product with the manufacturer to receive software updates and fix potential security risks
  2. Remove the default login details and set up a new password
  3. Disable DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) if there is an option
  4. Disable port forwarding or UPnP if it's an option
  5. Disable remote access
  • If you require remote access to your baby monitor to stream the video while you're away, then do the following:
  1. Change the default camera access port. It will probably be set at 80 now; you can change it to anything above 8200.
  2. Regularly verify your monitor logs for suspicious activity such as foreign IP addresses or strange access times.

Implementing all the checklist items above will significantly strengthen your network and help prevent your baby monitor from being hacked.


Which baby monitors cannot be hacked?

First, look at the list of baby monitors with security issues. It would help if you avoided those monitors because of their inadequate security.

🙅D-Link DCS 933L / Fredi / Gyonii GCW-1010 / iBaby M3S / iBaby M6 / Lens LL-BC01W / Philips B120/37 / Summer 28630 / TRENDnet TV-IP743SIC / WiFiBaby WFB2015 / Withing WBP01


Here are three excellent, secure baby monitors to get you started:

Best Secure Baby Monitor (Budget): HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

This digital baby monitor from HelloBaby is an excellent choice at an affordable price. It's secure and low on extras and bells and whistles, but it should have everything you need.


  • FHSS signal hopping
  • Night vision
  • Temperature read-out
  • 2-way talk
  • Connect up to 4 cameras


  • Stationary camera
  • Narrow field-of-view
  • Digital zoom is grainy


HelloBaby Monitor HB65

✅Best Secure Baby Monitor (Mid-Range): Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

The DXR-8 from Infant Optics is a top pick from most experts for the safety and overall quality of the device. 


  • Nightvision, temperature, 2-way talk
  • Optical zoom lens
  • Control the camera wirelessly
  • Add additional cameras
  • FHSS technology


  • More expensive than competitors 

 Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

✅Best Secure Baby Monitor (High-End): Nest Cam Baby Monitor(WiFi baby monitor)

The Nest Cam is not designed to be a baby monitor but for overall home security. That means, as far as WiFi cameras go, their safety is excellent. If you really want to use a WiFi baby monitor, you should be sure to get one of the most secure ones on the market. Just be sure to customize your password and change your wireless network name and passwords to something extra secure!


  • Top-notch video and audio quality
  • Easy to use (installation & app)
  • Stream baby video and audio right to device


  • App must stay open on your device at all times to hear sound/see video
  • Can take a few seconds to load when you open the app
  • Most expensive

Nest Cam (WiFi baby monitor)


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