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I purchased model HB 25 and cannot figure out how to record. I want to record the baby continuously for about 3 hours during the night. The manual does not explain how to set the record.

Carole Curtis

Hi, I’m also struggling with adding an additional camera to my HB32 parents unit….I’ve followed the instructions but I’m stuck at the Pairing… screen for the 2nd camera. How can I pair two HB32 camera’s with one Parent unit?


I have a similar question.

The display on my HB65 broke, so I bought a HB50 and I am trying to pair my old cameras with the new unit, but for some reason it’s not letting me and i can’t figure out why. You would figure these cameras are all compatible…?


I bought the hellobaby 5" monitor and I have followed the instructions on how to pair up cameras. But i still can’t get the second camera to pair and it is a new camera. I have a total of at 3 cameras to put on this monitor. What can I do to get all these cameras on this monitor?

Samantha Delagardelle

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